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  • What is expected from the parents?
    Adhering to the code of conduct for parents within your welcome pack. Big Jumps TC would appreciate you show respect for all coaches and volunteers and put your trust in our very well planned coaching sessions specialised for gymnasts to achieve to best of their own ability. Remember everyone is different and achieves at their own steady pace.
  • What should I wear?
    Club training wear should be worn always. For both boys and girls this consists of club leotard and black shorts with socks. Hair should be tied up and not in the child’s eye line. No jewellery should be worn.
  • What is British Gymnastics insurance?
    This is stated within the welcome pack under membership details. Main components consist of personal accidental and BG legal liability insurance for the gymnast registered.
  • What are the proficiency badges?
    Proficiency badges are designed by British Gymnastics and are aimed at children from pre-school (4 years of age) up to KS4 (16 years of age). They are designed to improve and develop FUNdamential actions and movements within trampoline. The provide a steady progression of the sport that is both safe and efficient. The awards range from level 1 (lowest) up to level 15 (highest). Ø Levels 1-5 are aimed towards pre-school children and complete beginners including a suitable programme for people with a disability. Ø Levels 6-10 are aimed towards primary aged children (5 years) up to secondary aged children (11-16 years) but not excluding people older who are complete beginners. These levels provide structure and steady progression of new skills stretching and challenging gymnasts mental and physical ability safely. Ø Levels 11-15 are aimed towards competitive gymnasts of mainly secondary school age (11-16 years). These levels provide a structure to prepare the gymnasts for competition standard and have a range of skills and routines to complete to achieve the level keeping gymnasts motivated and engaged. More information can be found at:
  • What is the competition structure?
    There are many competitions throughout the year at various levels of difficulty. Lower levels are club competitions where invites from other competitive trampoline clubs will send and invitation to take a number of gymnasts to compete, at these competitions gymnasts will have to demonstrate two routines that MAY be the same or different. Then county level where the coach will invite gymnasts prepared for this level. Following on will be regional level competitions also known as National Development Programme (NDP) for trampoline gymnastics in which starts at level 1.
  • What do you need to compete?
    The coach will inform gymnast and parents when ready to begin their pathway into competition. Within competitions the gymnast must perform two routines. First known as the SET which is always the same for ALL gymnasts at the competition and second being the voluntary (Vol) in low level competitions most competitors repeat their set routine. However, as levels progress and the need for qualifying score becomes more apparent the gymnast and coach will decide on a voluntary routine the gymnast will complete.
  • How will my child remember their skills in preparation for competition?
    As good practice when gymnasts start to enter the world of competition they should take some ownership over their training and start a training diary. Within the diary, the gymnast will make note of upcoming competitions the exact routine or routines needed for this and improvements needed to be made. The coach will facilitate this process but will allow the gymnast to be more independent and fully appreciate the hard work they put in.
  • Are sessions run based on age and ability?
    yes and no, pre-school children will have their own one hour session for good practice and safety. Primary – secondary aged children will train together to learn from one another and to provide role models and inspirations within the club. Competitors will have a separate training session to receive high quality coaching and dedication.
  • Why is the maximum capacity of a session on 10 gymnasts?
    At Big Jumps TC we aim to provide the best experience and highest quality of coaching and for those reasons to promote good practice the maximum capacity of any session will be 10 gymnasts (5 per trampoline) in order to receive the coaching each gymnast deserves.
  • How many ‘goes’ does my children get in a session?
    All gymnasts must complete a floor warm up increase cardiovascular output and initially warm muscles up this will be up to 10mins. Then gymnasts will each have 1min 30secs on the trampoline with a coach before they switch around. Within the session each gymnast will have a total of 5 goes on the trampoline followed by a 10min conditioning exercise and cool down. (Based on a 2hour session with maximum capacity of 10 gymnasts)
  • What is my child supposed to do when waiting for their turn?
    ALL gymnasts MUST spot the trampoline for safety. Meaning they must stand along the sides of the trampoline in case a gymnast is to fall they are to prevent the gymnast from falling. This is good practice and is an expectation of ALL gymnasts.
  • What happens if I want to leave?
    As stated within the welcome pack you must give 1 full months’ notice, in writing to the head coach, of wanting to leave.
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