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Members are arriving fit and well and free from illness for at least 48 hours. Parents must arrive office side (on time not early!) and stay in their cars. Members will not be permitted entry after the session has started.

A coach will be at the door waving members in one at a time.

Their temperature will be checked on arrival. If their temperature is higher than 37.8, they will not be allowed to enter or train.

If members suffer from hay fever, they should take hay fever medication to reduce coughing and sneezing. No parent should enter the facility under any circumstance.

If you need to speak to a coach you must contact the head coach or give your member a written note. Please call the office number: 01529 968118. The lead coach will answer.


Session Expectation

Members should bring their own MARKED water bottle to session to drink throughout the session.

Members are not permitted to bring anything to session other than themselves, water bottle and trampoline shoes.

Members are not permitted bring a mobile phone. If there are any issues, they should tell a coach and the coach will inform parents immediately.

Members should not wear clothes they have been in for the duration of the day. On entry members will go straight to their spot on their specific trampoline.

Members will remain at their trampoline and not move around. Unless they require the toilet then they must liaise with their coach.

Members will wash their hands-on entry to club. Then they will disinfect hands each time before they get onto the trampoline and when they dismount (at minimum they will wash their hands once per hour).

No jewellery is permitted.

NO FOOD, no break times will be permitted.

No coats or outdoor garments.

All warm-ups, conditioning and cool downs will take place on their spot.



If a member becomes unwell with symptoms of COVID 19 while in session parents will be contacted immediately; whilst the member will be taken to the isolation area. This will be a marked area out of the back of the facility to the right of the roller shutter door.

Before taking the member to the isolation area the coach will put on their PPE; mask, apron, goggles and gloves and wear until the member has been collected.

Each coach will have their own PPE kit under the trampoline.

After collection, the member is permitted to undergo the COVID 19 test. Please contact NHS 111 for further information.

Everyone else within that group will stop participation immediately and parents will be called for them to be collected.

No members within that group will be permitted back until a negative COVID 19 test result is received.



Parents will pick up from the back of the facility (Kier side).

Parents will stay in car and their session coach will disperse individually.

Parents should not gather and have conservations as this slows down movement and again speeds up the risk of infection.

Members will disinfect hands before leaving facility.

Please be aware we are relying on you to be the first line of defence. Be extra vigilant and cautious when sending your members to club. One sick member can affect the rest of the club. If in doubt please check with us, we are a team!

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